Beverly Henry Colleyville TX is a Great Woman

Beverly Henry Colleyville TX is an extraordinary individual. She has unending positivity in her conduct and state of mind. She says it her faith that keeps her business and life blessed. She says finishing obligations is important. Beverly Henry wants to walk the purpose driven life leaving a legacy to her children and grand children that it is Christ alone who is her motivator and first in her life. She gives all the credit to her God and her family that she has come so far in her profession.

She adores her children and is there to support them through it all. Though she has always worked while raising her family – her children know that they are first. Her children are first to say that work ethic is important to each member of the “Henry Team”. Business associates know her as a legacy. One who is competitive, driven, honest, can keep their confidence, dependable and trustworthy. Beverly will work above and beyond to get the job done with excellence, on schedule. Furthermore, Beverly has mentored in every field of business including real estate.

Though she heads up Grace Properties DFW, she says taking time to smell the roses and enjoy life while honoring God is very important. That means honoring God with your time and giving him the first fruits – even of your time. She says it was easy in the early years to get caught up in work and trying to balance work opportunities and priorities but keeping Christ first is best for the family and business. Jesus gave us very nickel we invest to keep the business going.  She said to sum it all up: Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you…